Second trip to New York: we flew to New York ... And we arrived!


Saturday, December 26. Ten in the morning. The alarm goes on and the newsletter of Catalunya Ràdio starts to sound. I am totally numb, but something catches my attention:

«… The United States has called for security measures to be reinforced on flights to their country after the frustrated attack this morning on a Delta Airlines plane landing in the city of Detroit. A young man has tried to explode the powder that was attached to his body with a reactive liquid, but the deflagration has only caused some burns.

The crew and some passengers on the flight have managed to control the situation and the plane was able to land minutes later in Detroit, where the man has been arrested ... »

What I was missing! In exactly fifteen days I go to New York and now this happens. I should be worried or maybe a little terrified, since I fly with Delta, but all I do is curse that guy and his whole family. If the security measures at the airports when you fly to the United States are already paranoid, from now on they will surely touch the dementia. I will have to go three hours before to the airport and, in addition to the air incident, I add that I will premiere the new T1 of the Barcelona airport and I will be a little lost. Although if you think about it coldly, it is better that they undress us at the airport to get us out of flight.

Saturday, January 9. Six in the morning. The alarm goes on. I'm very sleepy. I have almost two nights without hitting an eye and the day is very long. My partner also gets up with me, and although this time he does not accompany me on my trip, he does to the airport to wish me a good time and take many photos. I still don't believe that she has been graced with the fortune of sharing life with him. My father also accompanies me, that piece of being blessed, that takes me and brings me from the airport regardless of the untimely hours at which I usually leave.

Upon arriving in New York we find this apocalyptic message.

We go on the highway and approach the diversion of the new terminal, on the left «arrivals» and on the right «departures». After walking around the ring, I realize that to the left was where the parking lot was. We left the car on the second floor, which is the one that gives direct access to the terminal and when I enter I am amazed. Finally Barcelona has an airport as God commands! It is huge, spacious, bright and I get lost. I don't know if I have to go up or down. Luckily, Gemma sends me an SMS: "We are in front of counter 757", and I literally have so many counters. We have been two and a half hours before the flight departure, anticipating that getting on the plane will not be an easy task. Finally we arrive and proceed to check the bags. The flight attendant of Delta Airlines asks us for passports and flight reservation number. So far nothing strange. Suddenly he tells us:

-I'm authorized by the department I don't remember what he said to ask you some questions. Have you packed your suitcase? Have you left your suitcase unattended at some point? Has anyone asked you to bring something? In which direction are you staying? Is it a hotel or an individual? And now this is VERY IMPORTANT: do not leave your hand luggage unattended at any time! Ò_Ó

-Repourting for duty, Captain!

We say goodbye to our friends and loved ones and with the boarding pass in hand we have to pass the first and feared security check. Control that ends up being "made in Spain". They don't make me take off my shoes, although Gemma does, because she wears boots. And when I'm picking up my carry-on bag, it tells me:

- So much paranoia and when my bag has gone through the scanner, the policeman was looking the other way.

Ah my friend! It is that that was the control of mentirijilla, the good one began exactly one hour before embarking. Normally it embarks 30 minutes before leaving, but from now on all flights to the US. they embark an hour before because before getting on the plane they make you an exhaustive control. First they made us put in two rows, men and women, and one by one, they took us down the escalators to the door of the plane. First you had to take off your shoes and go through a metal detector arch. Then a woman, in my case, frisked me, in front and behind. Then you went to the review of your belongings, in my case purse and handbag. They looked at all the compartments and especially the electronic devices. The latter made us turn them on to show that they were real. Anyway, taking advantage of the fact that I was already barefoot and that I had taken everything out of my handbag, I took the opportunity to put on my slippers at home and take my thermal blanket for the trip, before the smile of the insurance. Finally the plane left 30 minutes late, and that the plane was half empty.

Delta's onboard service is one of the worst I've ever had on a transatlantic flight. We had a TV for everyone and obviously the movies could not be chosen. On top of that, the audio system didn't work and we spent more than seven hours inventing the dialogues of four films. Two of them were flat encephalogram, but "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "The Informant" I honestly have to see it with sound.

An office mate, who traveled just the day after the attempted attack, explained to me that when there was an hour to go to the US. It was declared as a kind of state of emergency on their flight in which they did not let anyone get up or have anything in the seat and with the GSP monitors turned off. In our case, that did not happen and at the scheduled time we finally landed in the J.F.K.

Following the company's style, the terminal where Delta lands is hypercutre. The first thing we had to do was pass immigration control. Before flying to the US it is necessary to fill out an authorization online. IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT, YOU DO NOT ENTER THE COUNTRY (or you get a lot of problems). Although they also make you fill the green card with the typical questions:

A) Do you have a contagious disease; a physical or mental disorder; Or is he a consumer or drug addict?
B) Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation of a controlled substance; or has been arrested or convicted for two or more crimes for which the total sentence to imprisonment was five years or more; or has been a trafficker of controlled substances; Or are you trying to enter to participate in criminal or immoral activities?
C) Have you ever been or are now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities: or genocide; Or between 1933 and 1945 was he involved in some way in persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies?
D) Do you intend to look for work in the US; or have you ever been excluded and deported; or has previously been removed from the United States or has attempted or attempted to procure a visa or entry to the United States. through fraud or false testimony?
E) Have you ever detained, retained or prevented the custody of a child from a US citizen who has obtained custody of the child?
F) Have you ever been denied a visa to the United States? or entry to the US or has a visa been canceled to the US?

And a form of the department of commerce in which you have to declare the goods that you enter in the country. With both cards in hand and with a smile from ear to ear, I am preparing to pass immigration. The officer, who apparently wanted to talk, gave me a comprehensive questionnaire:

- Why do you come to the country? tourism
- It was the first time? No, it's the third one.